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AKC Pet First Aid Kit, Red - Size: Large
50 pieces in an organized soft case with handles
Created: 04/13/2013, 12:00 am :: Visitor Count: 1545 :: Show & add comments
Tags:   Dog    First    aid    kit,    Dog    First    Aid    Kits    and    Emergency    Treatments,    dog    cuts,    dog    insect    bites,    dog    wounds,    dog    first    aid,    Dog    CPR,    Dog    First    Aid    Books,    Dog    First    Aid    Guides,    dog    tweezers,    dog    scissors,    dog    accident,    dog    eye    dropper,    dog    snake    bites,    dog    rectal    thermometer,    dog    tongue    depressor,    dog    rubber    gloves,    disposable    safety    razor    for    shaving    dog    wound,    dog    bandages,    dog    sterile    pads,    dog    antibacterial    wipes,    Benadryl    for    dogs    AKC    Pet    First    Aid    Kit,    Red    -    Size:    Large
Ad type: | Ad number: 1537  United States

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  • 50 pieces in an organized soft case with handles
  • For emergencies and everyday use
  • Extra room to personalize for your pet
  • Important pet safety information
  • Unbeatable value

Product Description

Size: Large

The Pet First Aid Kit is an essential item for the responsible pet owner to keep handy. It can be used from everyday tick removals, insect bites, extra water for a walk in the park and of course, when emergency help is required for your pet. This 50 piece kit, also provides extra room inside so that you can customize it for your pet. Such as, your pet’s favorite treats, medications, special vet instructions, etc… All in one convenient soft case. Some of the items in this kit include... a waterproof emergency ID card, a thermal foil emergency blanket, reflective leash, a collapsible food/water bowl, plastic water bottle, plastic pill/vitamin container, alcohol cleansing pads, medicine applicator, fur-friendly vet wrap, tweezers with attached magnifying glass, pet safety guide and more. 

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AKC Pet First Aid Kit, Red
AKC Pet First Aid Kit, Red

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