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Ear Cleaner for German Shepherd Dogs
Best Dog Ear Cleaning Solution Inhibits Infection & Yeast & Ear Mites - Stops Scratching & Itchy Ears
Created: 02/25/2014, 12:00 am :: Visitor Count: 1783 :: Show & add comments
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Ad type: Offer | Ad number: 2592  United States

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Ear Cleaner for Dogs - Best Dog Ear Cleaning Solution Inhibits Infection & Yeast & Ear Mites - Stops Scratching & Itchy Ears - Gets Stinky Ears Cleaner - Otic Cleanser with 100% Naturally-Derived Ingredients - Superior To Wipes + Powders + Drops or Pads - Proven Dog Ear Wash Brings Fast Relief - Easy To Use - Money-Back Guarantee - It Works! 1 8 Oz. Bottle


How Many of These Annoying Problems Do You and Your Dog Desperately Need To Get Rid of?

* Your poor dog is constantly pawing its sore, itchy ears.
* Nasty, waxy gunk clogs its ear canals.
* Yikes - those ears stink!
* You try ear washes or medicine but they sting, burn, or plain don't work.
* They smell acrid, not safe for your pal's tender ears.

PetJoyTM Naturals Soothing Ear Cleanser wipes out ALL those aggravations and more. Here's how ...

The Trouble with Many Ear Cleaners

Harsh chemicals remove earwax and dirt but damage the delicate "lipid barrier" that keeps dangerous irritants out and essential moisture in your pet's sensitive skin. Plus, they upset pH balance and leave lingering moisture in the ear canal, laying out the welcome mat for harmful microbes like yeast and bacteria.

PetJoyTM Naturals Is Different!

First: NO alcohol, synthetics, steroids, or harsh chemicals. Our soothing blend of ingredients carefully derived from 100% natural sources - like coconut, citrus, palm, and more - relieves your dog's distress fast as it washes away earwax, debris, and dirt. It also gently acidifies, balancing pH, then dries the skin, discouraging bacteria and yeast.

Sure, we could use cheap ingredients, but that wouldn't give you and your precious pet the quality and RESULTS you both deserve.

It's easy to use (especially with our how-to videos), works amazingly fast, and leaves a pleasant scent. And as powerful as it is, it's mild enough for puppies over 12 weeks.

Results Unconditionally Guaranteed!

Buy and use PetJoyTM Naturals with confidence. Not 110% satisfied? Let us know, and we'll make it right immediately.

For fast relief for your dog and peace of mind for you, get your PetJoy Naturals now!​

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Ear Cleaner for Dogs
Ear Cleaner for Dogs

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