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Redline K9 8 Piece K9 Training Bundle

Left Hand EVO Sleeve & Cover, 3 Handle Pillow, 3 Handle Jute Targeting Wedge, Leather covered whip, Soft Linen Puppy Sleeve, 2 - 3" X 24" Linen Tug Toy
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  • Professional Level training Equipment
  • Bundled savings
  • Everything you will need to work your dog in Protection training
  • A schutzhund and police K9 handlers favorite


Product description

Our EVO Sleeve has a smooth bite bar creating the ideal bite, the EVO does not have the large bump up in plastic that creates problems with dogs that learn to back off the hard plastic area creating a shollow grip. The sleeve fits snug on the forearm giving the helper excellent control with even the slightest movements. Used in National championships in USA and Canada. The leather whip is Covered with chap leather, It has nice flexibility (without being a noodle) giving it a loud pop. Comes with our standard Rope lash and popper. The puppy sleeve is soft to encourage full bites with young dogs. The targeting bite wedge is a must have when getting young dogs going in Bite work. The 3 handle pillow makes a great tool when starting out young dogs, it can also be used as a send out toy.

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