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GreenDog Naturals, Complete Calm Chewable, 30 Chewable Tablets
No negative side effects
Created: 09/08/2014, 12:00 am :: Visitor Count: 11794 :: Show & add comments
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Ad type: | Ad number: 2932  United States

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  • Proprietary calming complex - promotes relaxation and reduces hyperactivity with certified organic herbs, plus pumpkin and ginger to calm even the most nervous tummies
  • Certified organic by qai in accordance with the national organic program
  • No negative side effects

Product Description

Flavor: Chicken | Size: 30


Complete Calm Chewable tablets can help reduce hyperactivity and support calm during periods of stress like separation, visits to the vet, thunderstorms and fireworks and even transition to a new home. Made with organic herbs, pumpkin, and oatmeal, this organic solution supports overall balanced behavior to make stressful situations easier and more tolerable for your dog (and you). It's also free of binders, fillers, and refined sugar and has a natural chicken flavor dogs will love.

Complete Calm Chew (30 Tablets) Product Shot
Calming Herbal Blend

Each Complete Calm tablet contains 450 milligrams of a calming complex with organic herbs, including chamomile, lavender, passionflower, valerian, and marshmallow. These ingredients work together to help soothe the nervous system.

Nutrient-Rich Food Base

Ginger, alfalfa, apple, brown rice protein, oatmeal, and pumpkin provide nutrients to support digestion and soothe nervous tummies.

Certified Organic

This supplement is manufactured in the U.S. in a certified organic, GMP- and FDA-compliant facility and is approved by the National Animal Supplement Council. It comes in 100 percent recycled, BPA-free EcoGuard bottles, reducing packaging carbon footprint by 92 percent.

Guaranteed Natural

Complete Calm contains no wheat, soy, corn, artificial colors or flavors, preservatives, fillers, binders, excipients, added salt, or refined sugar. It is certified organic by Quality Assurance International.

Directions for Use

Give one tablet per 25 pounds of body weight; 1/2 chew for dogs under 25 pounds. Complete Calm may be administered up to twice daily and is safe for daily use. Begin at 1/2 dose for one to three days and increase to full dose for desired effect.

Manufactured by Rainbow Light, a Leader in Natural Human Nutrition

Rainbow Light was founded in 1981 in Santa Cruz, CA. Their mission is to be the performance leader in building a stronger state of health for their customers, the global community, and the planet. Rainbow Light's innovative formulas all begin with a base of nutritious, whole foods and are formulated to deliver research-proven ingredients in optimal potencies and combinations for best absorption, utility, and effectiveness.

From the beginning, Rainbow Light has partnered with Vitamin Angels to fight global malnutrition, providing over 24 million life-saving prenatal and children's multivitamins to women and children in need worldwide since 1996. Rainbow Light also has a long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship and is the first and only supplement brand to offer 100 percent post-consumer recycled, BPA-free EcoGuard bottles that are also 100 percent recyclable.

What's in the Box

Complete Calm Chew (30 Tablets).

Product Description

Complete calm chewable: recommended to help maintain calm and relaxation during separation, car rides, visits to the vet and groomer, transition to a new home and loud noises.

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GreenDog Naturals, Complete Calm Chewable, 30 Chewable Tablets
GreenDog Naturals, Complete Calm Chewable, 30 Chewable Tablets

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