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The Legend of Rin-Tin-Tin: America's Favorite Canine Hero DVD

DVD 4-Disc Version
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  • One of the most recognized dogs of all time --The New York Times

    Product Description

    America's favorite canine hero can be found in this collection of movie serials from the Golden Age of Cinema. You'll marvel at the exploits of Rinty in these four classic serials from the 1930's as our hero saves the day with the aid of such co-stars as Kane Richmond, Frankie Darro, Bob Custer and Rex, King of the Wild Horses! Cliff-hanging thrills and nail-biting excitement can be found in this set of movie serials that have entertained generations of viewers, young and old alike! 

    Bonus: An original documentary about the several dogs that turned the name Rin Tin Tin into a true Hollywood franchise! 

    EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY Brand New featurette produced exclusively for this DVD collection! 

    This very complete collection of all of Rin Tin Tin s adventures features 48 episodes. 

    - The Adventures of Rex and Rinty - 12 Episodes - The Law of the Wild - 12 Episodes - The Lightning Warrior - 12 Episodes - The Lone Defender - 12 Episodes 

    Made his first film in 1923 and was the world's biggest box-office draw by 1926. 

    By 1926 was earning $6000 a week.

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