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German Shepherd dogs are trained to perform different types of work: tracking, searching, rescuing, patrolling and so on. It is very important to provide your dog with appropriate leash - it will help your dog to perform his work better.

Gorgeous German Shepherd Leather Dog Leash! Are You tired of usual leashes and looking for something unordinary? You want the leash to be stylish, but to save its practical qualities? You want the leash to help you to control your dog better and to create no discomfort for your companion and for you? Well, then you should definitely purchase a quality dog leash.



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Sturdy, multifunctional dog leash converts from 6-foot walking leash to hands-free leash
Patented with flexi-brake system 22.00
Floating Brass RIng On Handle For Leash Extension Option
Lead is guaranteed for life; available in black color
Law Enforcement and Military grade professional training equipment
42"-84" Long, 3/4" Wide (18 Mm)
Six way European leashes have been popular with dog obedience trainers, professional handlers, police K9 trainers around the world for years. - Long, 3/4" Wide (18 mm)
Lets you safely walk your dog and ride your bike at the same time
Cotton web training leads provide extra strength for controlling large dogs
For extra large dogs up to 250 lbs.
Strong and secure collar attachment with locking carabiner
Black Handle w/ Black Nappa Padding - Chrome Plated Snap Hook by Sprenger
Measures 5/8-inch width by 30-feet length
Can be configured as a 6? leash, 3? training leash, Over the shoulder/hands free, Belt/hands free, or Double dog leash
Top quality leather Braided ends