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German Shepherd Harnesses

Choosing harnesses for German Shepherd Dogs can be a minefield, as many experienced dog owners know their cost, having wasted money on dog harnesses that either do not fit properly or are simply not the right type for their dog.

Below are some tips to ensure you get the best dog harness for your dog:

Consider the type of dog harness you want, what is the harness to be used for? Is it just for walking (walking harness), do you want to bike with your dog (running/sports harness) or does your dog pull and you want to training your dog to stop pulling (anti-pull harness)? Do you need one that serves two purposes, walking and to use in the car with a dog seat belt attachment? There are many different types of harnesses for dogs but these are the most common types that people need for their dogs.

Comfort has to be a major consideration and therefore a good fit is essential. Measure your dog's girth (chest), and neck circumference. Weigh your dog too and keep a note of these measurements and weight, as these will determine the size you buy. Manufacturers all use different sizing, so ensure proper sizing information is available. Look for adjustable dog harnesses. Good materials to look out for are cotton, mesh, neoprene, fleece and any type of padded harness. Avoid harsh materials like cord, rope and unlined leather, as these can cause chafing and therefore discomfort.

Ensure you know how the harness goes onto your dog - basically it is either a step-in harness or an over-the-head style with a belly strap or buckle.

Read user reviews online before committing to a purchase - sometimes when a product is new to the UK, there may be no reviews other than on American sites, don't worry about this - if the product is made in the U.S. this will often be the case and vice-versa. Good websites will have a section to contact them with questions about products/sizing, make use of this facility and certainly don't buy online from anyone who does not have contact details.

Remember there is no such thing as the perfect dog harness that will suit every dog but there are many first class products out there that are bestsellers for good reason. Sometimes a product may have a few old negative reviews that the manufacturer has taken on board and rectified.

Following these basic, common sense tips will give dog owners a good chance of getting the best harnesses for dogs.

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If you are not fully satisfied just return your purchase for a full Product refund within 30 days.
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