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German Shepherd Dog Heat Stroke Prevention


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German Shepherd Dog Heat Stroke Prevention

German Shepherd Dog Heat Stroke Prevention

Deutsch Schäferhund Hitzschlag Prävention

German Shepherd Dogs cool down primarily by panting to release heat; if panting is not enough to cool the dog, it’s body temperature will continue to rise, which can result in fatal heat stroke.

The earlier heat stroke is recognized and action taken, the better the chance of survival.

To keep your pet safe and healthy during the summer:

Watch out for heatstroke - Symptoms include panting, lethargy, drooling, fever, vomiting and collapse. If you think your dog may have heatstroke, get the vet ASAP — the condition can cause permanent organ damage and death.  Breeds with shorter noses as well as very young and senior dogs are especially vulnerable.

Give your dog extra water - You will need to refill your dog’s water bowl more often than usual on very hot days.

Offer your dog several ways to cool off - Leave a fan on in a place where your dog can sit in front of it, add some ice cubes to his water or offer him a cool treat. (A Kong that’s stuffed with wet food or peanut butter, then frozen, is cooling and a great way to keep your dog entertained.)

NEVER leave your dog alone inside a car - Even with the windows cracked, the inside of a car can heat up to 120 degrees in a matter of minutes on a warm day. And leaving the air conditioning on is no guarantee that your dog will be safe.

Take your walks in the morning or evening - The intense heat of midday can overwhelm your dog during a walk. Exercise your dog during the cooler hours and, if your dog is in the sun for an extended period of time, apply doggie sunscreen.

Don’t leave your dog alone outside for more than a few minutes - Even in the shade, a dog exposed to extreme heat and humidity is at risk for heatstroke.

Avoid hot sidewalks - Your dog’s paws can easily become burned on hot surfaces, including pavement, blacktop and sand.

Brush your dog regularly - A clean, untangled coat can help ward off summer skin problems and help your dog stay cool.

Be alert for coolant leaking from your vehicle - Dogs are attracted to the sweet taste of coolant, and just a small amount can make your dog sick — or even cause death. If you believe your dog may have ingested coolant, take him to the vet right away.

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