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 German Shepherd Dog Grooming Supplies and Products

Grooming Supplies | The German Shepherd

The German shepherd is not considered a high maintenance dog; however, grooming does require some effort to maintain a beautiful coat, properly trimmed toenails, and white shinny teeth. The shepherd’s double coat, with coarse outer guard hair and a thick, softer undercoat, helps make it a versatile working dog, able to function in just about any climate.

When you go to the pet store to pick up supplies for your German Shepherd Dog, you will need to get a coat rake (undercoat rake), a shedding blade, a rubbery curry brush, a deshedding tool, and a comb – the five integral parts of a German Shepherd dog owner's tool kid. Also important are brushes, nail clippers, and even a shedding rake. When you begin the grooming process go through the entire dog's coat with a slicker brush, beginning at the head and following the lines of the fur to the tail. Then comb through the coat with a metal comb, removing any excess loose hair as you do so. Then go over the whole coat with a rubber curry brush. This will help you make your German Shepherd dog's coat shinier. Your dog will enjoy this too, as the rubber curry brush is a great massage tool. If it's shedding season, finish off your regular grooming process by using a shedding blade, grooming your German Shepherd Dog this time from back to front.

You will however need to be careful with these shedding blades. While they can be enormously helpful to you as a dog owner, particularly during the shedding season, you need to know how to use them correctly in order to avoid harming your dog. Ask a licensed German Shepherd dog groomer or other professional how to use the device properly. Begin by placing the blades on the dog, pulling them back with minimal pressure. It is highly advisable to have a “helper” as part of the process to be on hand to keep the dog still and distracted to avoid any accidents or sudden movement.

Also helpful is the deShedding tool, specifically the FURminator deShed Tool Dog Lrg/Yellow Long Hair for German Shepherds.  This method removes the undercoat better than any other tool, and also distributes skin oils throughout your German Shepherd's body, not to mention the fact that it gives your German Shepherd dog a pretty comfortable massage as well! If you brush your German Shepherd dog after you bathe it, waiting until the dog is almost but not completely dry, the extraneous hair will come out easily. Use a chamois cloth when you're through to give your dog an extra twinkle in its newly shiny coat.

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Resco is considered the top of the line. These trimmers are recommended for large dogs with a heavy duty construction that professionals prefer and stronger blades for positive action every time.
Ear, nose, face and paw scissors for hard to reach areas
Used and recommended by Veterinarians, Groomers, and Pet Professionals - Size: Large
Used and recommended by Veterinarians, Groomers, and Pet Professionals
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REDUCES SHEDDING UP TO 90%! - With just a 10-15 minute session with the ShedTitan DeShedder once a week you can Drastically Reduce the Pet Hair that is constantly deposited on your Floor, Furniture, Clothes, and Car.
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The heavy-duty, powder-coated aluminum clamp opens to 1-1/4-inch to screw securely onto most grooming tables
9 dog muzzles (size 0, size 1, size 2, size 3, size 4, size 5, size 3xl, size 4xl, and size 5xl)
Connect the indoor/outdoor pet sprayer 8 foot hose to your faucet, spigot or garden hose.
Unique Shedding Blade is Gentle On Your Dog's Skin For Both Thin & Thick Coats