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Adult German Shepherds
Adult German ShepherdsThe AKC Standard says the German Shepherd "has a distinct personality marked by direct and fearless, but not hostile, ....

Sable, you were my Friend, Protector, and Companion for so many years. You are gone, missed but not forgotten.
Your loss inspired me to create this site.

German Shepherd Schutzhund Trainers
Schutzhund tests dogs of all breeds for the traits necessary for police-type work. Dogs that pass Schutzhund tests should be suitable for a wide ....

Alsation/German Shepherd Puppies
At birth, a German Shepherd puppy of a standard litter of six to eight pups would be expected to weigh approximately 1% of the dam's pre-pregnancy ....

German Shepherd Dog Training Gear
GSDsite carries dog muzzles, schutzhund equipment, dog protective sleeves, dog protection suit, dog whips, dog training books, dog training toys. ....

German Shepherd Schutzhund/IPO Clubs and Organizations
Schutzhund (German for "protection dog") is a dog sport that was developed in Germany in the early 1900s as a breed suitability test for the German ....

Free/Lost/Found/Stolen/Missing German Shepherds Dogs
Owner devastated, Please help locate our missing German Shepherd Dog. We have posted a description of our faithful family member. Basic Listing ....

German Shepherd Dog Training Toys...more
The GSD's high intelligence, strong athletic physique and silky smooth movement have seen the breed excel at all kinds of duties. German Shepherds ....

German Shepherd Service Dogs
Service animal means any dog or other common domestic animal individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a ....

German Shepherd (Alsation) Breeders/Kennels
Locate top quality German Shepherd (Alsation) Breeders at GSDsite. You should do a lot of homework before choosing a German Shepherd ....

German Shepherd Grooming Services, Dog Waste Supplies, Puppy Traing Supplies and More...
Daily grooming of the GSD boils down to this: a quick brushing to keep the coat clean and healthy and also to help to combat shedding. The German ....

German Shepherds Schutzhund/Protection Dogs For Sale
The purpose of Schutzhund is to demonstrate the dog's intelligence and utility. It also measures the dog's mental stability, endurance, ....

German Shepherd Boarding
The perfect Boarding Kennels should be clean and sanitized, facilities that includes spacious 10 feet by 15 feet heated and air conditioned interior ....

German Shepherd Imports
You should expect the following fees when purchasing a GSD import. Typically flying a puppy is $350.00 and an adult dog $450.00 which may or may not ....

K-9 German Shepherds
Law Enforcement K-9 German Shepherds or K9 is an abbreviation and homophone of Canine. It may refer to a variety of entries, most related to dogs. The ....

German Shepherd Books, Customer Gifts, Toys and more...
German Shepherd Books, Gifts, Toys and more...German Shepherd Dog Books and Gifts at great prices, We have German Shepherd Training Books, Tracking ....

German Shepherd Leashes, Collars, Muzzles, Harnesses and more...
Choke Collar: Choke collars are meant to provide a temporary correction. Tightening the chain around the neck gets your dog's attention. Releasing ....

Panda and other German Shepherds
Bi-color German Shepherds are often defined as being predominantly black Bi-color German Shepherds, Sable German Shepherds, Panda German Shepherds, ....

German Shepherd Crates, Ramps, Dog Houses, Beds, Steps, Car Seat Covers and more.....
"Private room with a view. Ideal for traveling dogs or for those who just want a secure, quiet place to hang out at home."That's how your dog ....

German Shepherd Medications and Supplements
Prescription Medications and Supplies: Pet pharmacies dispense prescription medications for conditions ranging from heart disease to immune disorders. ....

Solid Black German Shepherds
A solid black GSD is a very acceptable color in the German Shepherd Dog breed, but not seen as often as their sable or saddle back counterparts. ....

German Shepherd Dog Food/Treats/Bowls...more
German Shepherd Food: Many breeders and vets will recommend making your own pet food for your German shepherd. This requires more effort and time than ....

German Shepherd Obedience Trainers
German Shepherds grow to be big, strong dogs who can be fairly stubborn and will display dominance if allowed to get away with it. They require a ....

Trained German Shepherds
Trained German Shepherd dogs have a significantly higher value than puppies. They are a wonderful asset to people who are not able to put in the time ....

German Shepherd Dog Rescue
German Shepherd Dog RescueYou can list German Shepherd Rescue Dog Groups on GSDsite at no charge and you can place a free Pay Pal Button for Donations ....

White German Shepherd
In German Shepherd Dogs the recessive gene for white coat hair was cast in the breed gene pool by the late 19th and early 20th century breeding ....
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German Shepherd Home Page Featured Listings

Petsfit Indoor Dog House, Insulated Dog House Outdoor

Slanted roof and groove design to ensure good drainage, the eave shield the weather
United States

Blackhaven Shepherds

We specialize in Blacks and Dark Coats, temperament, trainability and family companions.

Wa-Bo German Shepherds

We are a small German Shepherd breeder located in a beautiful estate in Yorba Linda, California.

vom Nobelos German Shepherds

Vom Nobelos is a small German Shepherd breeding kennel in Hendersonville, in North Carolina, specializing in German Conformation or Show lines.
North Carolina


Home Of Pure European German Shepherd
New Jersey

Service Dog Harness Vest Cool Comfort Nylon for dogs

Purchase comes with 2 IN TRAINING reflective patches (Medium Fits Girth 22-29")

Dremel Dog Nail Grooming Kit

A Safe and Painless Alternative to Clipping

Teufel Hunden German Shepherds

Quality Import Lines

Go Pet Club 44-Inch Heavy Duty Steel Crate

Removable wheels Color: Hammertone Finish

Songmics L 91 x 58 x 64 cm Hundebox Hundekäfig Transportkäfig - EUR 39,95

Transportbox Gitterbox Hundegitter Drahtkäfig Metallkisten Käfig faltbar Schwarz

White Whillow German Shepherd Dogs

Our dogs are our pets and part of our family, first and foremost. They live inside with us at all times.

Saint Patrick’s German Shepherd Owner Mug/Stein

This is the nicest German Shepherd Holiday Mug, Stein or Cup that is available. You will definitely get compliments from this design.
United States

Pocket Veterinary LED Otoscope

Extra Long Veterinary Specula
United States

St. Patrick's German Shepherd Owner Beer Stein

Fantastic Saint Patrick's Day German Shepherd Owner Stein. Great way to celebrate the day.

Fantastic Saint Patrick's Day German Shepherd Owner T-Shirt

Great way to celebrate the day.
United States

Saint Patrick’s German Shepherd Owner Shirt

. We also have matching Beer Steins, Frosted Mugs and Coffee Cups in addition to Hundreds of other Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets and colors.
United States

Vom Minaya German Shepherds

OUR GOAL - To provide our clients with an over the top experience with a pure German Shepherd dog that can be trusted at all times.
Rhode Island

Dean & Tyler 4-Piece Pro Bundle Set

Includes Tri-Level Bite Sleeve/Sleeve Cover/Developer Pad/Agitation Stick for Training Intermediate Dogs
United States

Dean & Tyler 8-Piece Professional Training Bundle Set for Dogs

Young Dog Bite Builder/1 Intermediate Bite Sleeve + French Linen Cuff/1 Tri-Pad/1 Large Tug/2 Medium Tugs/2 Small Tugs
United States

German Shepherd Running at Full Stride T-shirt

German Shepherd Running at Full Stride Shirt Designed by
United States

Dragon German Shepherds

All puppies are Fully Guaranteed.

TOPLINE German Shepherd Dog Club of IL, Inc.

Topline members are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of German Shepherd Dogs and people by promoting responsible breeding and/or ownership through training,

German Shepherd 11 oz Two-Tone Mug

I Will Live and Die For You. I Am A German Shepherd Coffee Mug
United States

Gallatin Valley German Shepherds

Our puppies are beautiful Black and Red, great quality with great temperament for companion or protection as well as great family dogs.

Select K9's, LLC

Quality "German" German Shepherds

I Will Live and Die For You German Shepherd Shirt

Designed by

I Will Live and Die For You German Shepherd Shirt

Designed By

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain 128oz - £60.68

Continuously circulates and filters water to keep it clean and fresh
United Kingdom

Redline K9 6 Piece Dog Protection Bundle

Everything you will need to start your young dog in dog training
United States

Vom Vajda Hof german shepherd breeder - Serbia

German Shepherd Puppies

Von Den Blauen Bergen - International

Specializing in TOP QUALITY West German Conformation Lines. Check our website for a sampling of our accomplishments!

Plaque Attack Triple Care Dental Spray

Easily spray away your pet's plaque and bad breath
United States

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