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My goal is to breed quality German Shepherds that will be easy to train, clam and well mannered.
Our German Shepherd Dogs come from WORLD CLASS IMPORT West German Show lines, West German Working lines, DDR (East German), and Czech.
The kennel Wildfang has been in existence since 2004. The early years were spent in researching, learning and acquiring healthy, well-bred German Shepherds that are superior representatives of the breed and have the qualities we want to perpetuate.
Bred for intelligence and white color, our dogs are highly intelligent and want to learn.
Excellence in German Shepherd Temperament is our Specialty and our Breeding Standard for Over 30 Years
Our German Shepherds come from strong Czech Border Patrol working lines.
My number one goal is to breed healthy happy well adjusted German Shepherd Dogs that lead a full meaningful life, no matter what the venue or their job might be.
When our puppies are placed into homes they come with AKC Registration, Pedigree, Microchip, Tattoo, Health Guarantee, Contract, Breeder support for the life of the dog, Puppy instructions on diet & training
Our breedings are done to produce a specific set of genetic traits that we find desirable and we gladly offer puppies and young dogs to carefully approved homes.
Training and competing is the emphasis of our kennel.
Because of our love for this outstanding breed, we wanted to preserve and improve the qualities of the German Shepherd from the "old world" stock.
Hobby's Von Boone - AKC - German Bloodlines OFA'd GOOD and DNA profiled. Black and Silver - Male
I don't sell any of my puppies to anyone without talking to them on the phone first.
"A well-oiled machine", the "Dynamic Duo" and "the perfect team..." all of these have been used to describe the backbone of Victory German Shepherds
Their background is AWESOME. They come from proven dogs that have passed down the genetics to excel in any venue you choose to train or title them in!