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Sable and other Color German Shepherds

Sable and other Color German Shepherds - All areas - Offer & Wanted

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Bi-color German Shepherds are often defined as being predominantly black Bi-color German Shepherds, Sable German Shepherds, Panda German Shepherds, Blue German Shepherds, Liver German Shepherds, Blue/ and Liver German Shepherds, Black German Shepherds, Tri-Color Panda German Shepherd, Solid Liver German Shepherds, Liver and Tan German Shepherds with markings on the bottoms of their legs, and sometimes above their eyes and around their muzzles.

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Home of the Silver German Shepherd
Home of AKC Registered Standard, Plush and Long Coat German Shepherds
Breeder of Quality Working Line German Shepherd Puppies
Breeder of Quality Working Line German Shepherd Puppies
We are located in Arcadia, IN - 20 miles north of Indianapolis.
We strive to produce German Shepherds with excellent health, solid nerves, correct structure, and high trainability
Schwarze-Hunde means Black Dogs in German. We feel the name fits us!!
East German Shepherds Bred With Integrity
Our East German DDR and West Working German Shepherd Dogs wellness is our first and only priority.
My dogs and their offspring have competed at the national level in several venues!
Gl├╝ckstadt GSDs takes great pride in producing some of the best German Shepherds
We specialize primarily in sables of all colors. On occasion we have solid black, and black and silver Shepherds available.
As a small family-run kennel, our aim is to produce healthy German Shepherds
RJ kennels breeds for and from TOP Quality German Shepherds.
Breeding Old Fashion, Straight Back and Larger Boned German Shepherds for you and your family Kind hearts, gentle dispositions and gorgeous looks!