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 Black German Shepherds

The black German shepherd is one of the many different coat colors and patterns that are associated with the German shepherd breed. The black German shepherd is not a separate dog breed from the German shepherd breed like the white German shepherd which is recognized as a separate dog breed by some kennel clubs.

The black coat of the German shepherd is the result of genes passed down to the pup by the parents.


There are some distinct variations between the Black German Shepherd and the standard German Shepherd. The Black German Shepherd has retained its more traditional look of the breed. The Black German Shepherd has a much straighter back. It also does not "cringe", an appearance common to regular German Shepherds. The coat has many variations and can be long or short with a flowing mane, feathering and skirting.

Black German Shepherds have very pleasant temperaments and are very loyal, watchful and self-assured dogs. They very rarely ever back down. These dogs are very trainable and their training should begin when they are very young. The only health problem you must be aware of in a Black German Shepherd is hip and elbow dysplasia. Preventative measures should be taken early on. The Black German Shepherd makes a great family pet, but might be a bit strong for small children.

 German Shepherd Working Line Dogs
Working Line German ShepherdBreed CharacteristicsAKC GroupHerdingOriginGermanyTypeWorking / CompanionBreed SizeMedium-LargeHeight24-26 inches (Males)22-24 inches (Females)Weight66-88 pounds (Males)49-71 pounds (Females)TemperamentBrave, Protective, Guard-dog, Athletic, Strong, Confident,Intelligent, Alert, Independent, Loyal, High-energy,Aloof with Strangers, Affectionate, Versatile, TerritorialAppearanceMuscular, Pointy Ears, Athletic, Straighter ToplineLifespan10-13 yearsHealth IssuesBloat (GDV), Pancreatitis, Hip Dysplasia (rare)Coat ColorsBlack Sable, Black & Tan, Solid BlackCoat TypeDouble-coated, Short-Medium, MediumSheddingHeavyGroomingModerateEasy to TrainYesExercise NeedsMedium-HighHypoallergenicNoChild FriendlyYesPet FriendlyYesGood for new ownersYes
 Sable and other Color German Shepherds

Bi-color German Shepherds are often defined as being predominantly black Bi-color German Shepherds, Sable German Shepherds, Panda German Shepherds, Blue German Shepherds, Liver German Shepherds, Blue/ and Liver German Shepherds, Black German Shepherds, Tri-Color Panda German Shepherd, Solid Liver German Shepherds, Liver and Tan German Shepherds with markings on the bottoms of their legs, and sometimes above their eyes and around their muzzles.

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