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We Love Agility! ~ German Sheperd Agility Dog Vinyl Window Decal Sticker

Exclusive Design Created by Our Artist - NOT clip art
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  • Decal is 5" tall x 5.5" wide
  • Exclusive Design Created by Our Artist - NOT clip art
  • High quality vinyl rated for 7 years - NO peeling, NO cracking
  • Made in the USA & constructed for outdoor, all-weather use
  • Easy to Apply - Detailed application instructions included

Product Description


Perfect for Applying to any smooth, hard, non-pourous surface:

This is a high quality adhesive die-cut vinyl decal with no background. It is made of high quality, all-weather vinyl in our print shop with skilled staff hired from our local community and with materials purchased through a USA supplier.

Applying Your Decal
All our decals come with application instructions. If you do not apply your decal correctly, it may not stick properly. We are not responsible for making sure you have applied your decal correctly. We do not replace decals that have been applied incorrectly. Please make sure you follow the instructions before you apply your decal. Please note that if the surface is too cold, it will freeze the adhesive and the decal will fall off. If the surface is too hot, it will melt the adhesive and your decal will fall off. Some window cleaners leave behind residue that will cause your decal to fall off. We recommend cleaning your area with with 1 part rubbing alcohol to 2 parts water to remove unseen residue from the surface, then dry the surface with a lint free cloth. If you apply your decal correctly, it will stay put and look brand new for many years.

Storing Your Decal
If you want to save your decal for later, we recommend you keep it in a moisture free, room temperature environment. We do not recommend storing them for longer than three months, but if you store them correctly, they can be stored much longer. If you do not store your decal correctly, the backing paper will break down and stick to the adhesive. We do not guarantee decals that have been stored incorrectly.

This decal is intended for outdoor use. If you put it on the inside of a window, it will appear backwards from the outside.

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