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We started breeding at 1998 & register your kennel in German Shepherd Dog Club of Egypt (SV) & EKF (FCI) at 2014 as one of first registered kennels in Egypt.
“We do not rear dogs. We breed pure German Shepherd Dogs”
Gorgeous German Shepherd puppies for sale.
Maren von der Heyde has been breeding quality German Shepherds for 19 years.
The Olderhill German Shepherd Dog (GSD), or Alsatian (a different name for the same breed), is a unique bloodline of working police dogs.
?We believe that the most important part of our puppies (except the puppie itself) is: the "new" parent/s of our puppies.
The kennels were established in 1985 and are owned by: Peter De Decker (Port Elizabeth) and Colin Levy who runs the kennels in Johannesburg Founder members of the German Shepherd Dog Federation of South Africa.
I thought I would send you some photos of Yarra and Xanti Donna. They are the most beautiful, well natured and confident dogs I have ever owned.
Breeders of Excellent German Shepherds