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Janzhaus German Shepherd - Alberta Canada

We produce the finest working line German Shepherd puppies with excellent temperaments, great drive, pronounced retrieval instincts, vibrant markings and intelligence that is true to the German Shepherd.
Phones: 1-403-597-4046
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Janzhaus German shepherd breeding lines are hand selected from proven imported Czechoslovakian and German pedigrees, to produce the finest quality of German Shepherd pups. Our German Shepherd dogs are sociable with sturdy structures, agile, calmly confident and with sound stature, even temperaments and strong nerves.

Working line German Shepherd puppies make the best all round family pet. We offer the finest of personal and family German Shepherds, SAR, protection, detection and sport dogs. Extremely smart and quick learners, these traits have been passed on in their pedigrees of proven champions.

We are proud of our German Shepherd puppies and would love to be able to keep all of our babies, however, finding great homes for them makes it a little easier to say "GOODBYE".

Our German Shepherd pups have plenty of space to run and play and are exercised daily, as well as being socialized with our other dogs, and children. They have plenty of fun swimming in our babbling creek, chasing the butterflies and harmonizing with the coyotes.

 Pups come with registration papers, health certificate, micro chipped and or tattooed. A recommended diet for you to follow for optimal health is supplied. As breeders of our German Shepherds dogs, our commitment for lifelong support for you and your German Shepherd puppy is always available.

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