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The Police K-9 Unit: The Comprehensive Manual To Developing Your K-9 Unit

Protecting a community is serious business and takes a fully trained and staffed police force.
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Protecting a community is serious business and takes a fully trained and staffed police force. Likewise, to properly train a Police Canine Unit takes knowledge, skill and experience. The Police K-9 Book gives an in-depth analysis and understanding of how to properly establish, maintain and grow a K-9 Unit. Every community is unique, but no matter what type of community you serve, adding a canine unit can be an effective tool for you. From selecting the right dog and training facility to choosing the correct officer, as well as understanding the paperwork and liabilities, The Police K-9 Book provides a comprehensive look at how a properly operated K-9 Unit can help you more fully protect your community. The Police K-9 Book is unlike any other resource and is destined to be a reference manual to the industry for years to come.

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About the Author

Tony Smith is President of Little Rock K-9 Academy in Arkansas. He is retired and now a reserve patrolman for the Shannon Hills Police Department. He knows what it’s like to be on the street and is familiar with the types of situations officers may encounter. Tony is a Certified Law Enforcement Instructor who is licensed through the Drug Enforcement Administration, The Arkansas Health Department (Pharmacy Control Division) and the State of Arkansas.

During his career, he has assisted several hundred K-9 teams with police service dog training, behavioral modification and certifications. Since 1983, he has trained more than 2,000 police service dogs for law enforcement agencies around the world. He specializes in producing Police Patrol and Narcotic Detector Dogs of superb quality. Under Tony's leadership, Little Rock K-9 Academy has provided properly trained dogs to law enforcement agencies in more than 40 states and several countries. Tony is an expert in his field and is passionate about what he does.

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