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K-9 Trailing: The Straightest Path
The straightest path is a simple and honest approach to good trailing dog training.
Created: 04/26/2014, 12:00 am :: Visitor Count: 1757 :: Show & add comments
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Book Description

The straightest path is a simple and honest approach to good trailing dog training. Schettler outlines his method for working trailing dogs, step by step, and with only one goal in mind: finding people. The simple truth of the matter is that trailing and tracking dogs do not find what they are looking for on most cases throughout this country. The problems all boil down to training -- for the dog, the handler, and the search managers. This program was designed for anyone handling a trailing dog, and Jeff has been teaching it now for over a decade. Whether you are training for search & rescue, are a K-9 cop, or a tactical team manager. Schettler's advice could save your life, the life of your dog, or that of another person on day.

Editorial Reviews

Continuing on the trail of his first book Red Dog Rising, Jeff Schettler returns to the hunt with his newest book The Straightest Path. Simply said, if you currently work with police dogs that trail (or you want to) and you are a K-9 handler, cover officer or supervisor, you should read The Straightest Path. If you work with police dogs that search but don't trail, you can also benefit from reading this book.

I have not been a handler of a trailing dog, but I've been working with police dogs and handlers for the past 30 years as a decoy, K-9 handler, supervisor, SWAT operator, tactical instructor and expert witness. After reading The Straightest Path, I've learned much more about training a police dog and officers for the hunt as well as preparing for the potentially dangerous end of the trail. Of particular interest to me, from a tactical perspective, was proximity alerts and scents relating to the pending conclusion of the search trail that included the line; If you can read proximity alerts and you become a good handler with a good dog, proximity will save your life, your dog's, or that of another person one day.

The Straightest Path is about reading a dog and it is a straightforward approach to police dog training. Jeff does a commendable job in simplifying and explaining his training, methodology, and terminology regardless of the reader's level of experience. He shares his successes, his failures and his lessons learned. It became rather obvious to me as I read this book that he is extremely passionate about the art of trailing. --Sergeant Bill Lewis II (Retired), Oxnard (CA) Police Department, Training and Consulting (TAC) Team, LLC

About the Author

Jeff Schettler is a retired police K-9 handler who worked for the City of Alameda and County of Amador in California and was attached to the FBI's Hostage Rescue Teams' K-9 Assistance Program. This program was designed to locate and apprehend high-risk fugitives on the run. Jeff has worked hundreds of trailing cases across California and the USA. He is a specialist in the areas of tactical trailing/tracking applications; the deployment of small, highly mobile tactical teams in support of trailing/tracking dogs. Jeff and his K-9 partner, Ronin, made hundreds of successful finds over their 11-year career. Jeff has trained under many of the well-known manhunters in United States History.

Schettler is considered a law enforcement expert witness in the areas of human scent evidence and trailing/tracking. Jeff is a full-time police and civilian K-9 trainer with his company, Georgia K-9 National Training Center located in Canton, GA. His methods have helped to pioneer tactical trailing applications for high-risk fugitive manhunts and his courses are now offered throughout the United States.

Jeff is the author of Red Dog Rising, Alpine Publications, 2009, the chronological history of the training and deployment of his police K-9, Ronin, which won the 2009 Dog Writers Association of America's Planet dog Award for service dog books. His work with dogs has been seen on Mythbusters, CNN, and Unsolved Mysteries.

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K-9 Trailing: The Straightest Path
K-9 Trailing: The Straightest Path

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