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Emergency Medical Alert ID Bracelet Alternative - Code Amber Alertag - Immediate Access to Life Saving Medical Information for All Life Threatening Conditions

Epilepsy - Diabetic Insulin Shock - Coumadin - Blood Thinners - Seizures - Asthma - Pacemaker - Food Allergy - Heart Stints - Diabetes - Alzheimer - Dementia - TBI - Deaf - Mute - PTSD - Autism - EPIPEN - Implanted Defibrillator - Morphine - Penicillin -
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  • Our Code Amber Alertag brings the old Medic Alert Bracelets into the 21st Century by leveraging current technology to provide immediate life-saving medical information to First Responders at the scene of your medical emergency.
  • By scanning the QR code on the back of the Alertag with a Smart Phone or a Handheld Scanner carried by First Responders, or entering your ten digit account code into our secure web site, life saving information about your medical conditions, treatments, allergies or afflictions becomes instantly available and is displayed on the scanning device. No third party involvement, as is required with the old Medic Alert Bracelets, is needed.
  • Contact information for up to three individuals designated as your emergency contact(s) is also displayed with their name, phone number and email address to speed their notification about your situation and whereabouts. Communication with your contact(s) and information provided to the First Responder could very well save your life.
  • Your information is secured by our triple protection protocol and stored using state-of-the-art data encryption the same as is used by the world's largest banks. You control what information is made available to First Responders. Access to additional information remains private until your PIN is provided by you or one of your emergency contacts to the medical personnel attending you. Any changes to your Confidential Personal Information requires your PIN and your secret password be entered into our heavily secured servers.
  • Order your Code Amber Alertag today and enjoy the benefits and peace of mind of carrying it with you at all times. Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100% as with all GTX Corp products.

Product Description


Your search for the perfect Emergency Medical Alert ID Bracelet Alternative is over. When you buy a GTX Corp Code Amber Alertag here is what you will discover. Complete peace of mind with the knowledge that should you suffer a medical emergency anywhere in the world your critical medical and emergency contact information is immediately available to emergency medical personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Order your Code Amber Alertag now and you will be enjoying the benefits of membership and comfort of knowing you're protected by our leading edge technology in just a few days. Your purchase and satisfaction is guaranteed 100% so there is no risk to you. Your purchase also includes free set up and your first year of service.

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