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Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole with Braided Fleece Toss Lure

Durable Dog Toy for Fun Obedience Training & Exercise
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Price: $28.99
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  • Regular size flirt pole has a 36" pole section and 52" cord
  • Comes with durable braided Fleece Toss lure pre-attached
  • Perfect for people with limited mobility
  • Can be used with dogs of any size
  • Also works great as a training tool and provides the mental exercise dogs need

Product Description

Size: 36 inch

Want An Easy Way To Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy In Less Than 10 Minutes A Day?

In addition to obesity and health concerns, many experts say that lack of exercise is a leading cause of hyperactive and destructive behavior in dogs.

As the owner of three beloved Pit Bull dogs, I'm always looking for ways to keep them well exercised. My busy schedule doesn't allow for the long walks recommended by professional dog behaviorists. I read about something called a flirt pole and thought it would be worth trying out. It works by converting the natural prey drive instinct in dogs into exercise as they attempt to catch the lure by sprinting, changing direction, and jumping.

So I bought one of the fiberglass rod flirt poles that are made in China. The good news is the dogs went crazy chasing the lure. The bad news is it lasted one day. One chomp on the tip of the rod and the fiberglass broke and splintered in my dog's mouth. I was angry and decided to design my own. Our patent pending Flirt Poles are made in the USA using components tested for durability, strength, safety and light weight.

  • The only toy on the market that uses bungee cord to prevent “whiplash” when lure is caught
  • Easily change lures without the use of fasteners that can injure your dog's mouth
  • Lightweight. The Flirt Pole with the included lure weighs less than one pound
  • Soft, non-slip grip and wrist strap for easy handling

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