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Curogan 3.0mm Short Link Fur Saver

Does not wear down the dog's fur
Tags:   Curogan    3.0mm    Short    Link    Fur    Saver    german shepherd training collar
Price: $26.00
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  • Lasts a dog's lifetime
  • Does not wear down the dog's fur

Product Description

Size: 23"

Curogan is a copper-tin-alloy with a high copper portion and some additives which make the material strong - but without any nickel. Therefore these chains avoid a discoloration of fair haired dogs. Some dogs (less than 10%) do react on Curogan with a discoloration. A further advantage of curogan is the fact that it is absolutely free of nickel. More often nickel is responsible for allergic reactions of sensitive dogs and causes of some skin rashes. Herm Sprenger advises that the Curogan will NOT rust because it is a copper/tin alloy and does not contain any iron, and only iron can rust. Curogan will darken and tarnish when exposed to the outdoor environment.

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