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Quirk & Ferg Two Dog - 8ft Dual Dog Leash Black with Soft Padded Handle for Comfort - Tangle Free
STRONG AND STURDY Leash for two dog families.
Created: 12/27/2014, 12:00 am :: Visitor Count: 1073 :: Show & add comments
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Price: $15.95
Ad type: Offer | Ad number: 3175  United States

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  • STRONG AND STURDY Leash for two dog families, extra long 8 ft leash, 1 inch wide with dual lead each 22inches long from main clip - ideal for training a second dog to walk in a controlled manner, especially pups
  • COMFORT FIRST - strong stainless steel coupler that allows two leads to move independently. Soft padded handle for your comfort. You can now keep one hand free instead of holding two leashes
  • TOUGH AND EXTRA LONG - This 8ft long lease will give your dog's the freedom they need to roam and sniff till their hearts content without running in opposite directions
  • DURABLE TANGLE FREE LEASH DESIGN - helps you stay in control. This also eliminates the hassle of juggling two leashes at once - quick easy attachment to your dog's collar - they don't get tangled up in each other anymore
  • 100% MMONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Tried and tested not to break on large 'Puller' dogs so we guarantee your satisfaction - also and bonus eBook on The Lassie Dog Training Secrets to get the most out of your best friends

Product Description

Having Two Dogs Raises One Problem: How Do You Handle Both Dogs When You Walk Them?

The Dual Lead Has Been Given The Big Paws Up By Dogs And Their Owners

It's so frustrating when your dogs keep crossing over each other and getting tangled up when they walk. You could walk them one at a time but that's no fun and takes up your precious time

Forget walking your dogs separately, this new dual leash design allows you to walk them together and makes it so much easier for you, fun for the dogs too. So no more tripping over

We Have Just Made Walking Your Best Friend Even Safer And More Enjoyable

- Two Dogs One Leash Means No More Tangles Or Tripping
- Strong Enough To Handle A Dog Sled Team
- Perfect Training Leash For A Pup, It Will Follow Lead Dog
- Soft Padded Grip So Is Easy On Your Hands And Reduces Injury
- 8 Foot Long Leash Gives Your Dogs Greater Roaming Freedom Whilst Maintaining Control
- Strong Lobster Clips Allows Quick And Easy Attachment To Your Dogs Collars

When you buy, your investment is protected by our Risk-Free, No-Hassle 100% Money Back Guarantee from a reputable online company with years of experience and outstanding customer service

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Quirk & Ferg Two Dog - 8ft Dual Dog Leash Black with Soft Padded Handle for Comfort - Tangle Free
Quirk & Ferg Two Dog - 8ft Dual Dog Leash Black with Soft Padded Handle for Comfort - Tangle Free

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