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Wolfgang Haus German Shepherds

Old Fashioned German Shepherds
Phones: 210-584-7547
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Wolfgang Haus German Shepherds


    Here at Wolfgang Haus we strive to breed only the best of the best German Shepherds. Working to bring back the old fashioned German Shepherds, nice strong straight backs, calm and stable temperaments with the heart of a lion. German Shepherds that will stand by your side and be your ultimate companion and guardian for you and your whole family.  Providing wonderful German Shepherds to many families in Texas and across the nation.

     We occasionally offer solid black, bi-color, white, black and tan, black and red, black sable, silver sable and even blue, Liver, and Isabella  German Shepherd puppies and all coat lengths. Also the occasional rare wolf masked German Shepherds.  In dogs you can trust with your life. 

     Most of our German Shepherds are bred to be over today's standard in size. To be stronger and sturdier then most of today's shepherds.

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Wolfgang Haus German Shepherds
Wolfgang Haus German Shepherds
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