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Glückstadt German Shepherds

Glückstadt GSDs takes great pride in producing some of the best German Shepherds
Phones: 601-613-0910
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Glückstadt German Shepherds


Hi, my name is Natalie Churchman and I am the breeder behind Glückstadt German Shepherds located in Madison, Mississippi. My breeding program produces excellent companions. My primary focus is to produce dogs with strong working ability, solid temperaments, great health, and exceptional structure. I take pride in my work.

I enjoy doing protection training, tracking and high drive obedience with my dogs. I prioritize placing puppies to working homes first, and then active family homes that already have experience with the breed. My dogs are a huge part of my life, and I spend a lot of time with them.

The potential that German Shepherds have for protection, work, and companionship is incredible; and it is a privilege to be able to share those amazing qualities with others. I strive to produce exceptional working dogs with an emphasis on health and temperament. I want to not only improve the line and promote responsible breeding, but to ensure the German Shepherd is able to move forward for generations to come with it's best qualities.

I am very dedicated to what I do and what I am trying to achieve as a breeder. I work with passion, heart, integrity, and truly want what's best for the German Shepherd Dog.

Glückstadt GSDs takes great pride in producing some of the best German Shepherds. To find out more about our goals and standards check out the Breeding Goals page. If you are interested in one of our current litters or a future litter please fill out our puppy questionnaire page and we will get in contact with you shortly. Our goal is to match each puppy up with the best possible home for them. We do not pick puppies based on color unless there are more than one that match buyer.

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Glückstadt German Shepherds
Glückstadt German Shepherds
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