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Daily grooming of the GSD boils down to this: a quick brushing to keep the coat clean and healthy and also to help to combat shedding. The German Shepherd sheds constantly throughout the entire year and even more heavily with the changing of the seasons. Daily or weekly brushings will substantially cut down on its shedding overall and the amount of dog hair found throughout your house and also the overall amount of time spent grooming the GSD and dog training can help this process be more smooth. You can also have a better idea of whether or not your dog has any parasites such as ticks or fleas while grooming your dog. Baths should be given no more than once or twice a year to avoid drying out their skin. Remember too that diet plays an important part in coat condition overall, so feeding quality foods will help prevent any skin problems from happening as well. Basic grooming tools needed for grooming the GSD: A coat rake, a shedding blade, and a metal comb for the thicker coated GSD's, brushes and nail clippers.

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