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 German Shepherd Working Line Dogs
Working Line German ShepherdBreed CharacteristicsAKC GroupHerdingOriginGermanyTypeWorking / CompanionBreed SizeMedium-LargeHeight24-26 inches (Males)22-24 inches (Females)Weight66-88 pounds (Males)49-71 pounds (Females)TemperamentBrave, Protective, Guard-dog, Athletic, Strong, Confident,Intelligent, Alert, Independent, Loyal, High-energy,Aloof with Strangers, Affectionate, Versatile, TerritorialAppearanceMuscular, Pointy Ears, Athletic, Straighter ToplineLifespan10-13 yearsHealth IssuesBloat (GDV), Pancreatitis, Hip Dysplasia (rare)Coat ColorsBlack Sable, Black & Tan, Solid BlackCoat TypeDouble-coated, Short-Medium, MediumSheddingHeavyGroomingModerateEasy to TrainYesExercise NeedsMedium-HighHypoallergenicNoChild FriendlyYesPet FriendlyYesGood for new ownersYes

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Comfortable and secure webbing harness was based on designs used by working dogs
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